Assam Police Arrest Two in Karbi Anglong Drug Bust, Uncover New Cattle Smuggling Technique

Anglong Drug Bust

Assam Police apprehended two individuals involved in drug smuggling during a decisive anti-narcotics operation in Karbi Anglong district. The operation, which took place early Tuesday morning, led to the seizure of a large quantity of drugs, marking a significant success in the region’s ongoing battle against drug trafficking.

The police conducted the raid based on a tip-off, meticulously planning and executing the operation. Officers stormed a hideout in a remote part of the district, where they found the suspects in possession of substantial amounts of illicit substances. Preliminary reports suggest that the drugs, primarily heroin and methamphetamine, were intended for distribution across various parts of Assam and beyond.

Karbi Anglong, a district with challenging terrain, has become a hotspot for drug trafficking in recent years. The police have intensified their efforts to curb this menace, focusing on both interception and community awareness programs. Senior police officials commended the officers involved in the raid for their dedication and swift action. “This operation underscores our commitment to eradicating drug trafficking from Assam,” stated the district’s Superintendent of Police. “We will continue to pursue such operations to ensure the safety and well-being of our communities.”

In a related development, Assam Police also uncovered a new technique being employed for cattle smuggling along the Indo-Bangla border. During routine border surveillance, officers noticed suspicious activities in a typically quiet section of the border. Upon closer inspection, they discovered a well-organized cattle smuggling ring using innovative methods to evade detection.

The smugglers had been disguising the cattle as part of legitimate livestock transport, using falsified documentation and sophisticated concealment tactics to move the animals across the border. This new technique highlights the evolving nature of smuggling operations and the constant need for vigilance and adaptation by law enforcement agencies.

Assam Police have vowed to increase patrols and enhance intelligence-sharing mechanisms with neighboring states and countries to tackle these illegal activities. The authorities are also urging the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to help combat smuggling and ensure regional security.

These recent successes in both the anti-narcotics operation and the crackdown on cattle smuggling illustrate Assam Police’s relentless efforts to maintain law and order. The police force remains resolute in its mission to protect the state from the scourge of smuggling and ensure a safer environment for all its residents.



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