Assam Police Seize Heroin and Yaba Tablets in Major Drug Busts


Assam Police recovered 77 containers filled with suspected heroin in Mikirbheta, Morigaon, marking a significant victory in the state’s ongoing battle against drug trafficking. Officers also seized 30,000 Yaba tablets in Karimganj, demonstrating their relentless efforts to curb the drug menace in the region. These operations resulted in the arrest of multiple individuals, furthering the police’s commitment to dismantling drug networks.

The raid in Mikirbheta unfolded as part of a meticulously planned operation. Acting on a tip-off, a team of Assam Police officers conducted a search in the area and discovered the 77 containers filled with a substance believed to be heroin. This substantial seizure underscores the pervasive nature of drug trafficking in the region and the challenges law enforcement faces in combating it. The police promptly arrested three individuals in connection with the heroin containers, and they are currently being interrogated to uncover further links in the trafficking chain.

Meanwhile, in a separate operation in Karimganj, police seized 30,000 Yaba tablets, a synthetic drug that has gained notoriety in Southeast Asia and has been increasingly found in northeastern India. The successful seizure of these tablets highlights the broad spectrum of illegal substances that Assam Police is working to keep off the streets. Several individuals were apprehended in this operation as well, and they are expected to provide crucial information that could lead to more arrests and seizures in the future.

The Assam Police’s recent actions reflect their unwavering dedication to eradicating drug trafficking from the state. The state’s law enforcement agencies have intensified their operations, focusing on both urban and rural areas to root out the drug menace. These coordinated efforts are part of a larger strategy to secure the state and protect its citizens from the harmful impacts of drug abuse and trafficking.

The public has responded positively to these recent successes, with community leaders and residents alike expressing their support for the police’s efforts. As Assam Police continues its crackdown on drug trafficking, these operations serve as a reminder of the ongoing battle against illegal drugs and the importance of community cooperation in these endeavors.

The recovery of 77 containers of suspected heroin in Morigaon and the seizure of 30,000 Yaba tablets in Karimganj represent significant milestones in Assam’s fight against drug trafficking. The arrests made in connection with these busts highlight the effectiveness of the police’s strategies and their commitment to safeguarding the community from the scourge of drugs.



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