Assam Releases Integrated Draft Electoral Roll for 2024 Elections


About electoral transparency, Assam has published the integrated draft electoral roll as part of the Special Summary Revision for the year 2024. This crucial document serves as the foundation for the upcoming elections, providing citizens with an opportunity to review and verify their voter information.

The integrated draft electoral roll is a comprehensive compilation of voter details, including names, addresses, and other relevant information. Moreover, its publication marks a key phase in the electoral process, allowing residents of Assam to ensure the accuracy of their voter registration and make necessary corrections.

The initiative aligns with the Election Commission’s commitment to maintaining an updated and error-free electoral roll, a cornerstone of a fair and democratic electoral system. By inviting citizens to scrutinize the draft, the authorities aim to rectify any discrepancies and enhance the overall integrity of the electoral process.

To facilitate the review process, the integrated draft electoral roll is made available at designated polling stations, government offices, and online platforms. Further, this multi-channel approach ensures that citizens can easily access and verify their voter details, contributing to a more participatory and engaged electorate.

About Voters

Citizens are encouraged to act promptly during the stipulated review period and utilize the prescribed channels to address any concerns regarding their voter information. This collaborative effort between the Election Commission and the residents of Assam exemplifies a commitment to electoral transparency and accountability.

The integrated draft electoral roll publication is not only a procedural requirement but also a crucial step in upholding the democratic principles of representation and participation. It empowers citizens to actively contribute to the accuracy of the electoral roll, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility in the electoral process.

As Assam embraces this Special Summary Revision for 2024, the integrated draft electoral roll stands as a testament to the state’s commitment to fair and transparent elections. It reinforces the democratic ethos of ensuring that every eligible citizen has the opportunity to exercise their right to vote with confidence in the accuracy of the electoral roll.



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