Assamese Film ‘Jiya’ to Hit Theaters on May 17

Assamese feature film 'Jiya'

Assamese feature film ‘Jiya’ is scheduled for release on May 17 in Assam. Directed by Kenny Basumatary and produced by Sarmistha Chakravorty, the film depicts the journey of a resilient woman navigating single motherhood.

‘Jiya’ offers audiences a poignant and relatable narrative, exploring themes of strength, resilience, and the complexities of motherhood. Set against the backdrop of Assam’s scenic landscapes and vibrant culture, the film promises to resonate with viewers from all walks of life.

Director Kenny Basumatary brings his unique storytelling style to ‘Jiya,’ infusing the film with authenticity and emotional depth. Through compelling performances and heartfelt moments, the cast captures the essence of the characters and their struggles, drawing audiences into their world.

Producer Sarmistha Chakravorty’s vision for ‘Jiya’ reflects a commitment to showcasing diverse and compelling stories from the region. With a focus on authenticity and cultural resonance, the film aims to celebrate the spirit and resilience of Assamese women.

As anticipation builds ahead of the film’s release, ‘Jiya’ is poised to make a significant impact on Assamese cinema. With its powerful storytelling, strong performances, and evocative cinematography, the film promises to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

‘Jiya’ represents a significant milestone for Assamese cinema, offering a compelling narrative that resonates with audiences on a universal level. As the film prepares to hit theaters on May 17, fans eagerly await the opportunity to experience its powerful storytelling and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Assam.



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