Assam’s Pabitra Margherita Named MoS in External Affairs and Textiles in Modi’s Cabinet

Pabitra Margherita

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has unveiled his cabinet for the third consecutive term. Among the new faces introduced, Pabitra Margherita from Assam has emerged as a surprise addition. Margherita has been appointed as the Minister of State in both the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Textiles.

Margherita’s inclusion in the cabinet has garnered attention, particularly from the northeastern region of India. Hailing from Assam, his appointment signifies the government’s commitment to representation from diverse backgrounds and regions. This move is seen as a strategic step towards fostering inclusivity and ensuring that the voices and perspectives of all regions are represented at the highest levels of governance.

With his dual role as Minister of State in both the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Textiles, Margherita is poised to play a crucial role in shaping India’s foreign policy initiatives and advancing the country’s textile industry. His appointment reflects the government’s emphasis on diplomacy and economic development, two key areas that are integral to India’s growth and progress on the global stage.

Margherita’s background and expertise make him well-suited for his new responsibilities. As a representative from Assam, he brings a deep understanding of the socio-economic dynamics of the northeastern region, which is known for its rich cultural heritage and unique challenges. His experience and insights are expected to contribute significantly to the formulation and implementation of policies aimed at addressing the needs and aspirations of the people of Assam and the wider northeastern region.

Moreover, Margherita’s appointment underscores the government’s focus on revitalizing India’s textile sector, which plays a crucial role in the country’s economy and employment generation. With his leadership and vision, the Ministry of Textiles is poised to embark on a new trajectory of growth and innovation, leveraging India’s rich textile heritage and exploring new opportunities in domestic and international markets.

As India navigates the complexities of a rapidly changing global landscape, Margherita’s appointment sends a strong message of India’s commitment to diplomacy, economic development, and inclusive governance. His role as Minister of State in both the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Textiles underscores the government’s holistic approach to addressing diverse challenges and advancing India’s interests on multiple fronts.



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