Assam’s Purabi Dairy Aims for Rs 350 Crore Turnover

Purabi Dairy

Purabi Dairy, a prominent dairy cooperative in Assam, is setting ambitious targets for its turnover this fiscal year, aiming to reach Rs 350 crore. This move comes as part of the cooperative’s strategic efforts to expand its operations and enhance its market presence in the region.

Led by a dedicated team and supported by technological advancements, Purabi Dairy is poised to achieve this milestone by leveraging its robust distribution network and innovative product offerings. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, the cooperative is committed to meeting the growing demand for dairy products in Assam and beyond.

In recent years, Purabi Dairy has witnessed steady growth, thanks to its focus on product diversification and strategic partnerships. By introducing new and improved products tailored to meet the evolving needs of consumers, the dairy cooperative has successfully captured a larger share of the market.

Moreover, Purabi Dairy’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices has earned it the trust and loyalty of consumers across the region. By adhering to stringent quality standards and ensuring the welfare of its suppliers and employees, the cooperative has emerged as a preferred choice for dairy products among discerning consumers.

Looking ahead, Purabi Dairy remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence, with plans to further expand its product portfolio and strengthen its presence in both traditional and emerging markets. By capitalizing on opportunities for growth and innovation, the cooperative aims to cement its position as a market leader in the dairy industry.

With the implementation of strategic initiatives and a focus on customer-centric practices, Purabi Dairy is well-positioned to achieve its target turnover of Rs 350 crore. As it continues to drive growth and innovation, the cooperative remains committed to delivering high-quality dairy products that enrich the lives of consumers and contribute to the overall development of the dairy sector in Assam.

Purabi Dairy’s ambitious target of Rs 350 crore turnover reflects its unwavering commitment to excellence and growth. With a strong foundation built on quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, the cooperative is poised to scale new heights and further strengthen its position in the dairy industry.



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