Bangladeshi National Recounts Harrowing Ordeal in Assam Abduction


Rabiul Islam, a 27-year-old from Mahalguri, Jamalpur, one of the Bangladeshi nationals abducted in Assam on May 23, has recounted his harrowing experience to reporters. Speaking from a hospital bed where he is recovering from injuries sustained during his ordeal, Islam described the terrifying moments when he was forcefully taken captive by a group of armed assailants.

According to Islam, the abduction took place while he was traveling in a vehicle with several others near the Assam-Bangladesh border. The armed men intercepted their vehicle, forcibly removed them, and took them to an undisclosed location. Once there, Islam and the other captives were subjected to physical torture and intimidation by their captors.

Islam detailed how the kidnappers demanded ransom from their families, threatening to harm them if the money was not paid. He recounted the fear and uncertainty that gripped him and his fellow captives as they endured days of captivity, not knowing what fate awaited them.

Fortunately, after several days, the authorities were able to locate the hideout where Islam and the others were being held captive. A rescue operation was swiftly carried out, leading to their release from captivity. Islam expressed his gratitude to the security forces for their prompt action and credited them with saving their lives.

The incident has once again raised concerns about security along the Assam-Bangladesh border and the safety of individuals traveling in the region. Authorities have launched an investigation into the abduction, aiming to apprehend the perpetrators and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Meanwhile, Islam and the other victims are receiving medical treatment and support to help them recover from their traumatic experience. Local officials have assured them of assistance and protection as they seek to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of the ordeal.

The ordeal faced by Rabiul Islam serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by criminal elements operating along the border areas and the need for enhanced security measures to ensure the safety of residents and travelers alike. The incident highlights the importance of cooperation between law enforcement agencies to combat cross-border crime and uphold the rule of law.



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