Banner James From Manipur Dragged The Title of The First Rubaru Mr India Youth Icon 2022


On Wednesday, Banner Lanamai James from Manipur’s Senapati district dragged the title of the first Rubaru Mr India Youth Icon 2022 of the 18th edition of Rubaru Mr India 2022 championship.

The pageant organisers wrote on Facebook “India here comes our first Rubaru Mr India Youth Icon 2022 winner from Manipur, @banner_lanamai_james. Many congratulations to the young gentleman.

The grand finale was held on Wednesday at Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park in Chennai.

Standing tall at 6 feet, the 22-year-old youth also won the best National Costume in the pageant contest, showcasing the festive costume of the Poumai Naga tribe.

The title winner, James mentioned that the entire collection in his wardrobe for the competition was hand woven by his mother.

“Every pattern and motif in the costume tells a story and every colour used reflects the beauty of nature. The traditional headgear signifies sunrise, bringing light and energy, the celebration of life,” James said in a video presentation for the pageant.

The Rubaru Mr India Youth Icon 2022 further added “When I am wearing this exuberant costume, I am confident to stand in the presence of gods and goddesses.

Banner lanamai james is currently residing in New Delhi and is pursuing his master’s degree in English, linguistics and literature.

He is a polyglot and can speak four languages, including English, Manipuri, Hindi and Nagamese.