Being Jack of all trades helped me survive in Mumbai for over a decade.” Says Avrodh 2 Actor Karan Thakur


“Everyday hundreds of aspiring actors come to the city of Dreams- Mumbai to fulfill their ambition of making it big in the Glam world but sadly, many heart-broken actors also head back to their hometowns empty handed and at times disillusioned.

I strongly feel that being dependent on a single source of income is extremely risky in the competitive world of entertainment industry.”, says actor Karan Thakur.

“Our industry is not just about acting. If you have other skills you can also make a living by getting into anchoring, modelling, voice overs , Dubbing etc. All such side hustles not only give you monetary gains to survive in this expensive city but also polish your skills as an actor.

Whenever I am not doing any regular show or Webseries I look for projects in Voice overs, anchoring and modelling to meet my expenses. It is something I advise to every aspiring actor. Also, there are many off camera jobs in department like Direction, Casting, Writing, Creative, Production etc where one can work and be part of the industry and give auditions for their passion of acting simultaneously.

I really admire all those people who work in all such departments as they have to not only manage their job but also work on their craft to be a successful actor someday.”,adds Karan Thakur .



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