Belongings of Missing Climber Tapi Mra and his Assistant, Found


Relief and rescue teams in search of missing climber Tapi Mra and his assistant Niku Dao at Mount Khyrisattam in East Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh have claimed to have recovered GPS, mobile, tent, shoes and other personal belongings. Tapi Mra’s sister Yatok Mra Nilo gave this information while talking to reporters. Tapi Mra is the first Mount Everest conqueror from Arunachal Pradesh.

In September, the search operation was postponed by the Indian Army and East Kameng district administration due to bad weather at the incident site, but the search operation for Tapi has started once again. He informed that a 13-member team consisting of volunteers and family members of Tapi Mra has been mobilized in this campaign. Tapi Mra and Niku Dao have been missing since August 17. The relief and rescue teams reached Camp-2 after eight days of walking and after a five-hour search they recovered the Indian flag, satellite phone, tents, shoes, sleeping bags and many other equipment.

Yatok Mra Nilo told that the team leader Tagit Sorang, who went in the search operation, gave this information to a representative of Tagin Cultural Society, Dosh Dasi. Due to heavy snowfall, these instruments have been removed by digging a thick layer of snow. He said the team also found the footprints of Mr and Dao in the Camp-2 area, but it was not clear whether the missing climbers were alive.

Tapi Mra, a courageous officer of the state’s youth affairs department, went missing along with her colleague in August. In September, the East Kameng district administration and the Indian Army had stopped the search and rescue operation due to bad weather after searching for them for about a month.