BJP President Nadda Attacked Familyism of INC in Guhawati


In Guwahati, BJP National President JP Nadda attacked the Congress party fiercely. Attacking the Congress, JP Nadda said that the country’s oldest party is losing its political ground. The biggest reason for this is that Congress is losing ground due to its failure to strike a balance between local and national goals.

Congress has become a party of familyism: JP Nadda
Addressing BJP workers in Guwahati, party president JP Nadda said that the Congress did not mix local aspirations with national unity. Therefore, the oldest political party, the Congress, went on weakening. He further said that those who were with the Congress for 20-20 years, 30-30 years, and 40-40 years, those people are leaving the Congress party because these people have now come to the notice that the Congress party is no longer national. It has not remained at the state level, now it is just a party of familyism.

I congratulate the CM of Assam- Nadda
Addressing party workers at the ITA Center in Guwahati, Nadda also said that the BJP has broken the winning record in Assam in all elections held after the formation of Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s government. “I congratulate the party members of Assam and Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma for breaking the record of winning all the elections in Assam after forming the government,” he said.

Construction of 18 BJP offices underway in Assam- Nadda
JP Nadda said that five offices of BJP have been established in Assam, while construction work is going on in full swing in the remaining 18 offices. He said that every district of Assam will have an office of BJP. Nadda said that BJP is making steady progress. We never thought that we will form the government in Northeast or Assam, we are happy that we are not only forming the government but also giving priority to development. He lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Look East’ program and said that under the leadership of the NDA government, the infrastructure of the Northeast has got a big boost.