iPhone 13 Versus iPhone 14 – Which One Is A Better Purchase


Designed and manufactured under Apple Incorporation, the iPhone is a range of smartphones with advanced technological installations. The first wave of iPhones was preconized by then-Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. Since then Apple has launched numerous iPhone series and other gadgets. iPhone 14 is most likely to get trumpeted in mid-September of this year and it instigates a dilemma whether one should wait for iPhone 14 or buy iPhone 13. What changes would make iPhone 14 more users friendly and efficient? Is it cost-effective in comparison to purchasing an iPhone 14? 

To draw a calculated comparison, one must put all the facts and details on the table.

iPhone 13: 

• iPhone 13 priced at Rest 73,990. 

• It has a capacity of 128/256/512 GB RAM as the Internal storage and also comes along with an external memory card slot. 

• It is 5.78 inches in height and 2.82 inches in its width, with a display of 6.1(diagonal) inches. • It has in it installed an A15 Bionic chip. 

• It can view all kinds of documents- be it .jpg, .doc, etc. 

• It has an excellent dual camera system with Wide and Ultra wide cameras • It has numerous in-built apps such as Apple Pay, Maps, FaceTime, iTunes, contacts,  pasture, news, weather, and many more. 

iPhone 14: 

• iPhone 14 will have 4GB, 4GB of RAM. + 64GB internal storage 

• It is rumored to have a 12MP + 12 MP Camera 

• It has a dual camera setup on the rear. 

• It will house a 3115mAh battery. 

• The mobile will likely have an immersive 6.1 inches (15.49 cm) display with a high resolution. 

• It has numerous inbuilt apps such as Apple Pay, Maps, Face Time, iTunes, Contacts, Pasture, news, etc. 

• iPhone 14 is likely to be priced around Rs79, 990 to 80,000. 

The two smartphones have a lot of similarities on the ground, however, iPhone 13 at this point seems to have a review list to rely on and is a better buy, however, iPhone 14 carries several promising features as well. As soon as the uncertainty moves towards the launch date of the iPhone 14, facts are likely to get clearer and users can decide according to their usage, requirements, and pricing as to which iPhone is better suited for them.