BJP Workers Seriously Injured in the Attack by Fellow Party Members


Since the declaration of results, incidents of violence have continued across the state Many people are getting injured in this series of incidents of violence Property is damaged. Normal life is destroyed. The trend of attack and counterattack is gradually increasing. In this case, allegations are being raised against both the ruling opposition. In this case the name of Tipra Motha has been newly added. This time, a BJP worker was attacked by his own party zealots. It is alleged that extensive vandalism was carried out in his house.

The incident took place on Wednesday night in the southern Bagadi area of Narsingarh area under Bamutia Assembly Sukumar Biswas, the owner of the house, said that the Prime Minister came to Agartala on Wednesday to attend the function. He did not return home as it was late Moved to Agartala with family members. In the meantime, in this incident at night, the enthusiastic workers of the party. He said that he will file a case in the police station. The owner of the house rushed to the news on. The matter has been brought to the notice of former MLAs, Mandal presidents and district leadership Currently, the family is in panic.



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