BJP’s Dorjee Tshering Lepcha: Uncontested Rajya Sabha Win in Sikkim


In a decisive electoral outcome, Dorjee Tshering Lepcha, representing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), secured an uncontested victory in the Rajya Sabha elections for the Himalayan state of Sikkim.

Sole Nominee Triumphs: DT Lepcha Grabs Lone Rajya Sabha Seat

The Rajya Sabha seat in Sikkim witnessed a solitary contender as Dorjee Tshering Lepcha emerged as the only candidate filing nomination papers for the election. Following the scrutiny of his nomination papers, which were found to be in order, Lepcha was officially declared elected to the Upper House of Parliament.

Dorjee Tshering Lepcha’s seamless victory was sealed as he remained the sole nominee in the race for the Rajya Sabha seat from Sikkim. With no opposition in sight, the election process concluded with Lepcha receiving the certificate of his successful election from Returning Officer Lalit Kumar Gurung.

Political Stature: Lepcha’s Extensive Experience in Sikkim Politics

DT Lepcha boasts an impressive political journey, having served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Sikkim for five consecutive terms. His political acumen is further underscored by his three tenures as a minister in the state.



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