BSF’s Tripura Frontier gets Official Language Shield from Director General for Excellent Work in Hindi


According to the orders of the Department of Official Language, Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs and for the implementation of the Official Language Policy, the Tripura Frontier Headquarters of Border Security Force (BSF) strictly observed Hindi month from September 1 to 30 and Hindi Pakhwada from September 14 to 29. On Thursday, the Official Language Function was organized at the Frontier Headquarters, in which the employees who did excellent work in Hindi were rewarded.

At the same time, Tripura Frontier has captured the Sisubal Rajbhasha Shield by securing first position in the entire Border Security Force for better work in Hindi. Director General (DG) of the force Pankaj Kumar Singh presented the Official Language Shield to the IG of Tripura Frontier at the Official Language Function held at BSF Headquarters in Delhi on Thursday. On this occasion, the Director General rewarded various frontier headquarters and training centers as well as the personnel for maximum work in Hindi.

Here, in a statement by Tripura Frontier, it was told that during the Hindi Pakhwada, various workshops and competitions were organized to make the employees working in the office aware of the official language policy of the government and to allow them to increase the work in Hindi. In this, the personnel of various branches of the Headquarters participated and got benefited. Hindi Poetry Gosthi / Poetry Path was also organized on 14th, 19th and 20th September with the aim of inculcating interest towards Hindi among the employees.

At the same time, presiding over the official language function at the conclusion, Deputy Inspector General/Principal Staff Officer, Sisubal, Tripura said that it is very important to unite the citizens of a vast and multi-lingual country like India and to connect the entire country as a contact language. Official language Hindi has been doing important work. Language is the most powerful medium to express emotion. The overall development of any country is possible only when its residents contemplate and write in their mother tongue. Mother tongue is the best medium of knowledge and expression.

He requested everyone to take pride in doing official work in Hindi and adopt a tendency to work in Hindi by creating a positive thinking and encouraging environment to increase the use of Hindi. He appealed to all the officers of the Headquarters that they themselves should take the initiative to do government work in Hindi and also motivate and encourage their subordinate personnel to work in Hindi.

During the year 2021-22, he awarded 10 winning participants and 15 winning contestants of various Hindi competitions organized during Hindi fortnight under the incentive scheme to encourage employees to do official work in Hindi.

Along with this, the running Rajbhasha Shield of Frontier Headquarters Tripura was also awarded to Sector Headquarters, Sisubal, Gokulnagar for the year 2021-22 for the best use of Hindi language in official work. In the end he congratulated all the officers/personnel of Tripura Frontier for securing first position in the entire Border Security Force and winning the Official Language Shield.