A Hay-man Mannequin Of Maharaja Pradyot Kishore Burnt At Tripura


On Sunday, at Ampi(Tripura), a hay-man mannequin was burnt and a mournful rally was organized by the party members of BJP Vice President Patal Kanya Jamatia showing their grief and pique towards Maharaja Pradyot, Chairman of TIPRA Motha after Tripura Tribal Welfare Minister Rampada Jamatia and BJP Vice President Patal Kanya Jamatia after being attack at several areas of Tripura.
The party members accused “Pradyot Mankiya is trying to create a communal conflict between their tribes and mentioned the Jamatia history linked up with protest since primordial days”. They also termed Patal Kanya Jamatia as “Jhansi ki Rani” for her bravery and ideology. They made a statement against Greater Tipraland and want peace and prosperity among the people saying they seek a “Greater Unity”.