Calling BJP a B-Team, Ex-Royal Reacts To Amit Shah


Union Minister Amit Shah came to Tripura for addressing two poll rallies recently. There in his speech, he talked about another party that was fighting before, and now those parties are reuniting. He said, “Earlier the Congress and Communists were fighting. This time, the Congress and Communists have come together, and Tipra Motha is not with them.” The rally took place in Khowai and Santirbazar.

In his further speech, Amit Shah said, “I want to tell my Adivasi brothers and sisters who want to make false promises and get your vote, they are with the Communists. Don’t fall into the trap. If someone can bring progress for Adivasis, it can only be the BJP and Narendra Modi and no one else.”

The Left and Congress have come across together for allying with opposition parties to overcome the BJP. And Tipra Motha is not a part of it. Erstwhile royal Pradyot Kishore Debbarma reacts to Amit Shah on his speech. He said, “I would like to tell our country’s home minister one thing. This Manikya clan does not bow down before anyone and is no one’s B team. You took Maharaja Bir Bikram, my grandfather’s name. You should understand Bir Bikram’s grandson will not sell out his land, or his people to anyone. We are no one’s B-Team.”

“The BJP is a B-Team in Nagaland. In Meghalaya, Shillong, and Garo Hills, they are a B-Team of some other party.” Saying all this at last he finished it by saying “This party does not bow down or compromise.” Erstwhile while showing his confidence said the party will defeat BJP, CPM, and Congress in 2023.



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