CBI Chief Praveen Sood Leads Investigation into Manipur Violence


Chief of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Praveen Sood, has arrived in Imphal to personally oversee the investigation into the recent incidents of violence in Manipur. This move underscores the gravity of the situation and the importance attached to a thorough and impartial inquiry.

The visit of CBI Chief Praveen Sood to Imphal marks a crucial step in the efforts to address and investigate the incidents of violence that have raised concerns in Manipur. Also, his presence signals the commitment of the central investigative agency to conduct an exhaustive and fair probe into the circumstances surrounding the violence.

The decision to dispatch the CBI Chief to Imphal reflects the urgency and priority accorded to the investigation. The Central Bureau of Investigation is known for its expertise in handling complex cases, and Praveen Sood’s personal involvement underscores the seriousness with which the agency views the Manipur violence.

The investigation is expected to cover various aspects, including the root causes of the violence, the individuals or groups involved, and the circumstances leading to the incidents. Further, Praveen Sood’s hands-on approach ensures that the inquiry is conducted with precision and that all relevant angles are thoroughly examined.

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The deployment of the CBI in Manipur also aims to instill confidence in the local population regarding the impartiality and transparency of the investigation. The agency’s reputation for conducting fair and unbiased inquiries adds credibility to the process and assures the public that the truth will be uncovered.

Praveen Sood’s presence in Imphal is not just symbolic; it signifies the central government’s commitment to ensuring justice and bringing those responsible for the violence to account. Also, the CBI Chief’s firsthand involvement also streamlines the coordination between the central investigative agency and local authorities, ensuring a seamless and efficient investigative process.

As the CBI Chief initiates the investigation in Imphal, there is a collective expectation that the findings will shed light on the events surrounding the violence and provide clarity on the motives and individuals involved. Moreover, the inquiry is a crucial step towards upholding the rule of law and fostering a sense of security and justice in Manipur.

Praveen Sood’s arrival in Imphal to probe the recent violence in Manipur reflects a commitment to a thorough and impartial investigation. The involvement of the CBI Chief signals the seriousness with which the central government is addressing the situation. Besides, is aiming to bring clarity, justice, and accountability to the affected region.



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