Celebrating India’s Culinary Triumph: Three Indian Curries Shine in the World’s Top 10 List

Bowl of Shahi Paneer

India is a diverse nation that embraces people from various backgrounds and cultures, living harmoniously together. The country is renowned for its remarkable array of cuisines, each reflecting the distinctiveness of its respective region. The undeniable allure of Indian food lies in its delectable flavors and aromatic spices that tantalize the taste buds, leaving a lasting impression. Whether it’s the bustling street joints or the upscale restaurants across the country, the choices are endless, and the list of favorites is never-ending.

Indian dishes, with their irresistible flavors and widespread appeal, continue to delight gastronomes both within the country and internationally. In a recent compilation of the world’s finest curries, three Indian delicacies have claimed their rightful positions in the top 10 list, securing the 4th, 5th, and 6th ranks.

Indian Curries among the World’s Top 10 According to Taste Atlas, a reputed source for gastronomic ratings, the June 2023 edition of the world’s best-rated curries features three beloved Indian dishes: Shahi Paneer, Malai Kofta, and Butter Chicken. These delightful curries have secured the 4th, 5th, and 6th ranks, respectively.

Topping the list is Thailand’s Phanaeng curry, a flavorful blend of vegetables with a thick, salty, and sweet curry base. It is followed by Northern Thailand’s Khao Soi and Japan’s Kare, rounding out the top three.

Interestingly, all the top 10 curries hail from Thailand, Japan, and India. The list includes:

  1. Thailand’s Phanaeng Curry
  2. Northern Thailand’s Khao Soi
  3. Japan’s Kare
  4. India’s Shahi Paneer
  5. India’s Malai Kofta
  6. India’s Butter Chicken
  7. Thailand’s Green Curry
  8. Thailand’s Massaman Curry
  9. Japan’s Kare Raisu
  10. Thailand’s Thai Curry

The World’s Best-Rated Indian Curries

Shahi Paneer: Originating from Mughlai cuisine, Shahi Paneer is a creamy and flavorful curry made with a blend of onions, nuts, yogurt, and aromatic spices. This sumptuous curry showcases tender chunks of paneer (Indian cottage cheese) immersed in a velvety gravy, best enjoyed with roti, naan, or kulcha.

Malai Kofta: An immensely popular and appetizing dish, Malai Kofta consists of potato and paneer dumplings cooked in a luscious and creamy onion-tomato sauce. The curry boasts a perfect harmony of garam masala, cashews, spices, and herbs, resulting in a rich and satisfying culinary experience.

Butter Chicken: One of the most cherished and widely celebrated Indian dishes, Butter Chicken holds a special place in the hearts of non-vegetarian food enthusiasts. This classic delicacy features marinated and grilled chicken immersed in a tantalizing blend of yogurt, spices, ginger, garlic, and lemon juice.

The inclusion of these Indian curries in the world’s top 10 list is a testament to the culinary excellence and global appeal of Indian cuisine. It is a proud moment for the nation, as these beloved dishes continue to win over palates across the globe.

India’s culinary heritage remains a constant source of pride, and its diverse flavors continue to impress and inspire food lovers worldwide. Whether you’re savoring the creamy Shahi Paneer, indulging in the flavorful Malai Kofta, or enjoying the iconic Butter Chicken, these Indian curries showcase the richness and depth of Indian gastronomy.



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