Celebrating Purity: Oxineer’s Sponsorship Shines at Durga Utsav in New Delhi.


In the vibrant enclave of Durgwadi Greater Kailash in New Delhi, the spirit of festivity reached new heights during the recent Durga Utsav, where the auspicious celebration was generously sponsored by Oxineer, the esteemed packaged drinking water brand under the umbrella of Saintley Sonne India Pvt Ltd, led by CEO Deepak Kumar. The main orchestrator of this grand event was Aventz Production, ensuring a seamless and joyous experience for all participants.

Oxineer, synonymous with purity and quality, played a pivotal role in contributing to the success of the Durga Utsav. With a vision to be a premier service provider focusing on high-end strategic solutions, Oxineer has been delivering premium packaged drinking water since 2015. Under the leadership of Singer Diamond, Oxineer’s commitment to excellence shines through, addressing the crucial issue of water-related diseases in India.

During the festivities, Oxineer took center stage as a beacon of health and well-being. The company’s mission, to be an exemplary and leading water operator providing continuous, equitable, reliable, and safe water, resonated with the community. Oxineer’s goal includes cultivating a culture of natural purity in water consumption and promoting a healthy lifestyle, reflecting values such as teamwork, transparency, environmental friendliness, integrity, and a commitment to quality over quantity.

Oxineer’s packaged drinking water stood out as the preferred choice for health-conscious individuals, emphasizing the significance of water in every aspect of our lives. With the purest form of water, Oxineer aimed to flush out toxins, improve complexion, provide mental peace, promote weight loss, and enhance digestion – all essential elements for a holistic well-being.

The quality assurance provided by Oxineer is evident in their meticulous manufacturing process. The company is ISI certified, ensuring that every drop meets the highest standards. Rigorous checks at every step, a hygienic working environment, and a comprehensive monitoring system underscore Oxineer’s commitment to delivering the best. The presence of their own laboratory further ensures the quality of the product, with a focus on removing undissolved impurities like bacteria, dust, dirt, and viruses.

As the sponsor of the Durga Utsav, Oxineer’s involvement went beyond providing refreshing hydration. It symbolized a shared commitment to community well-being, aligning with the spirit of the festival that signifies the triumph of good over evil. The Oxineer-sponsored event not only brought joy to the participants but also created awareness about the importance of pure and safe drinking water.

In conclusion, the Durga Utsav in Durgwadi Greater Kailash, New Delhi, was not only a celebration of cultural richness but also a testament to the community’s health-conscious spirit, with Oxineer leading the way in promoting the essence of purity through its premium packaged drinking water. The event served as a platform for Oxineer to showcase its commitment to quality, health, and a thriving community, leaving a lasting impression on all those who participated.

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