Chaos at Udalguri Railway Station as Ticketing Staff Absence Leaves Passengers Stranded


Passengers at Udalguri railway station faced a chaotic situation when they discovered that there were no ticketing staff available at the ticket counter. The incident unfolded as travelers gathered in long queues, anticipating the arrival of the Guwahati Intercity Express (15816) within ten minutes. With no personnel present to issue tickets, frustration and confusion mounted among passengers, many of whom were uncertain about how to proceed.

Local commuters and travelers arriving at the station expressed dismay over the lack of ticketing services, highlighting the inconvenience caused by the absence of staff during peak travel times. Some passengers attempted to board the train without tickets, while others sought alternative solutions to obtain valid travel documents.

The absence of ticketing staff at Udalguri railway station underscores broader challenges faced by railway authorities in ensuring smooth operations and passenger satisfaction. As a crucial transport hub connecting various destinations, adequate staffing and operational readiness are essential to meet the needs of travelers relying on the railway services.

Authorities and railway officials have been urged to investigate the incident and take necessary steps to prevent such disruptions in the future. Commuters and passenger advocacy groups have called for improved oversight and accountability to address staffing issues and ensure seamless ticketing services at all times.

In response to the situation, railway authorities have assured passengers of corrective measures to enhance service delivery and minimize disruptions. Plans to streamline ticketing processes and deploy additional staff during peak hours are being considered to mitigate similar incidents.

Passengers affected by the lack of ticketing services have been advised to report their grievances through official channels and seek refunds or alternate arrangements for their travel plans. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of effective management and operational readiness in public transportation systems to uphold passenger rights and ensure efficient service delivery.

As railway authorities work towards resolving the issue, travelers are encouraged to stay informed about service updates and adhere to established protocols for ticketing and boarding procedures. Efforts to enhance infrastructure and staffing capabilities are essential to maintaining the reliability and convenience of railway services at Udalguri station and beyond.



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