Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha’s Inspection of Agartala’s Construction and Renovation Projects

CM Manik Saha Inspecting Projects

In a concerted effort to ensure the timely completion of several ongoing projects in the state capital, Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha embarked on a visit to construction sites in Agartala on Monday. During this visit, he meticulously inspected the progress of various infrastructure initiatives, emphasizing the need for quality workmanship.

One of the key areas of inspection was the construction of flats as part of the Township Project under the Tripura Urban Development Authority (TUDA). Dr. Saha closely examined the work in progress, reaffirming his commitment to providing modern housing solutions to the residents of Agartala.

Additionally, the Chief Minister assessed the status of the Light House Project, located adjacent to the Integrated Check Post (ICP). This ambitious project holds the potential to become a prominent landmark in Agartala and was subject to Dr. Saha’s scrutiny to ensure its timely realization.

Addressing the persistent issue of parking in the city, Dr. Saha also visited the site of a multi-level car parking facility at the Old Motor Stand. Recognizing the significance of this project in alleviating the city’s parking challenges, he expressed optimism about its swift completion.

The renovation of the Matangini Pritilata Auditorium was another critical aspect of the Chief Minister’s inspection tour. He placed a strong emphasis on maintaining the quality of the renovation work and directed the responsible officials to oversee this aspect rigorously.

During his visit to the Rabindra Satabarshiki Bhavan, Dr. Saha identified certain abnormalities in Hall No. 1 that required immediate attention. Demonstrating his commitment to enhancing cultural infrastructure, he promptly authorized the initiation of renovation work for Hall No. 1, which hosts numerous programs and events.

Dr. Saha’s tour extended to the Government Music College and Art College, where he was deeply impressed by the remarkable talents of the students. He lauded the students’ craftsmanship, particularly in sculpture and crafts. In an encouraging move, he expressed plans to set up a sales counter for these student-made products, enabling the students to earn income from their artistic endeavors.

Discussing the progress of various construction projects, including the Township Project and Light House Project, the Chief Minister noted that work was proceeding at a commendable pace. He disclosed that all flats under construction in Kaman Chowmani had been booked, with a significant 60% of the flats in Kunjaban already reserved. Dr. Saha highlighted the significance of completing these projects, emphasizing their potential to greatly benefit the residents of Agartala.

Regarding the multi-level car parking facility at the Old Motor Stand, the Chief Minister expressed confidence that its completion would alleviate parking woes in the city.

Dr. Saha also shared that the flats under the Light House Project were scheduled to be handed over to their owners by the end of April 2024, marking a significant milestone in the city’s development.

Apart from conducting inspections and offering guidance to the construction authorities for the expeditious completion of these crucial projects, the Chief Minister was joined by key officials, including his secretary Pradip Kumar Chakraborty, Urban Development Department secretary Abhishek Singh, West Tripura District Magistrate Debapriya Bardhan, and Agartala Municipal Commissioner Sailesh Kumar Yadav. Their presence underscored the government’s commitment to the successful realization of these vital infrastructure initiatives for the benefit of the people of Agartala.



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