CII Yi Bengaluru organised PathFinder to release its Vision 2024


The Bengaluru chapter of CII Young Indians (Yi) successfully hosted “PathFinder 2024” on 20 January 2024 at the Hotel Royal Orchid, Bengaluru. The event was graced by Shri. Rizwan Arshad, MLA from Shivajinagar, Bengaluru, highlighted the pivotal role of youth in the city’s development.

“PathFinder 2024” showcased the Yi Bengaluru Executive Council Leadership Team’s vision for the year, focusing on social impact projects under the theme ‘Building Bharat.’

Under the umbrella of social projects, CII Yi Bengaluru is set to embark on two ambitious endeavours – “Masoom” and “Road Safety.” The “Masoom” project intends to impart knowledge and awareness to approximately 1 lakh students on safe and unsafe touches through engaging workshops tailored for children, caregivers, and parents.

In conjunction with the Road Safety initiative, Yi Bengaluru is organizing the much-anticipated “Chota Cops” flagship session. This unique program is designed to educate children on crucial aspects of road safety and empower them to become ambassadors within their communities, monitoring and promoting safe practices among friends and family.

Extending their commitment beyond urban landscapes, Yi Bengaluru will initiate rural projects focused on entrepreneurship and innovation for women. These sessions aim to create avenues for livelihoods, fostering self-sufficiency and empowerment among rural women.

Mr Mohammed Zahrin Bin Aziz and Ms Poojitha Prasad were appointed as the Yi Bengaluru Chapter Chair and Co-Chair for the year 2024, respectively.

Since its establishment in 2002, Yi Bengaluru, an affiliate of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), has actively engaged in diverse leadership programme, social impact projects and initiatives in educational institutes and rural communities. For partnerships, contact Yi Bengaluru at [email protected].

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25 January 2024




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