Club Secretary Fatally Shot in Tripura, One Arrested


In a shocking turn of events, armed miscreants shot and killed the secretary of a local club in Agartala, Tripura. According to police reports, one suspect has been apprehended in connection with the crime.

Victim’s Identity and Attack Details

The victim, Durga Prasanna Deb, served as the Secretary of Bharat Ratna Sangha, a prominent club and renowned social organization in Tripura. The attack occurred on Tuesday night at Usha Bazar, where Deb was targeted by five assailants.

Authorities have identified and arrested one of the suspects involved in the incident. The apprehended individual has been identified as Pradyut Dhar Chowdhury.

Kiren Kumar, the Superintendent of Police for West Tripura District, provided details of the attack. He stated that a masked assailant approached Deb’s vehicle with a firearm, prompting the victim to lower the car window. Without hesitation, the miscreant fired three shots at close range, resulting in the immediate death of the club secretary.

Law enforcement agencies have launched intensive raids to apprehend the remaining culprits involved in the crime. The police are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to ensure justice for the victim and bring all perpetrators to book.

Dilip Das, a local BJP leader and former MLA, commented on the incident, expressing concern about the prevalence of anti-social elements in the area. While he refrained from speculating on the motive behind the attack, Das emphasized the government’s commitment to maintaining law and order in Tripura.

Das highlighted Chief Minister Manik Saha’s determination to eradicate crime and drug-related activities in Tripura. He affirmed the government’s stance on achieving a crime-free and drug-free state. With the police actively engaged in apprehending the culprits, Das assured that there would be no leniency towards those responsible for such heinous acts.



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