CM Manik Saha Accentuates On The Desideratum Of The Self-Help Nexus


Manik Saha emphasized the need for expanding the self-help network in the state to vitalize the rural economy.  

 He said that the state will form 11,000 + self-help groups where another 1,30,000 people will be involved.

He addressed in a workshop after the inauguration between the Panchayati raj and Self-help groups for reinforcement of the rural economy through poverty elevation programs raised by Tripura Rural Livelihood Mission.

He said 70% of the people are living in villages and the economy of the country cannot be ameliorated unless the rural economy is boosted. 

There are 37,735 self-help groups are there in the state under Deendayal Antoday Yojana National Rural Livelihood Mission says, Chief Minister Saha

In the state three lakh, 41,000 people are involved in this network. 

Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Debbarma said the state government is preparing a plan to ensure that more women can become self-supporting. 

He said the self-help groups led by women are symbols of the movement for achieving self-help