CMSORGANIX Pvt Ltd: Leading the Way in Sustainable Agriculture


In the ever-evolving realm of agriculture, where sustainable practices are steadily gaining importance, CMSORGANICS Group, under the visionary leadership of Mr. Yakub Ali, is leaving an indelible mark. The remarkable CMSORGANICS Group comprises two entities, CMSORGANIX PRIVATE LIMITED, and CMSORGANIC FERTILIZERS PVT LTD, and stands at the forefront of pioneering innovative, sustainable, and environmentally conscious agricultural solutions in the B2B & B2C Agriculture sector.

The journey of CMSORGANICS Group began as CMS Organics in 2015, in pursuit of providing natural solutions for agriculture with dedication, perseverance, consistency, constant research, and development fast forward to 2022 CMSORGANIC Pvt Ltd has further solidified its standing as a trailblazer in eco-friendly agriculture by establishing state-of-the-art powder and granular fertilizer production units across India. 

CMSORGANICS Group specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of Organic and bio-fertilizer products, with a strong presence across India. Their mission lies in advocating the use of natural and organic ingredients to enhance soil fertility and plant growth while minimizing the environmental impact of agriculture.

Among their notable products, ‘’BIOME’’ stands out as a natural potash product derived from molasses. This innovative fertilizer not only promises cost-effective benefits but also stands as a nutrient-rich alternative to conventional potash fertilizers. 

Moreover, CMSORGANICS Group specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of Organic and bio-fertilizer products that work wonders for soil health and crop nutrition. 

At the helm of this revolutionary movement is Yakub Ali, the driving force behind CMS Group. His vision for the company extends beyond the boundaries of India, This international expansion aims to spread the company’s sustainable agricultural practices and solutions to a global audience.

With the idea of going global Mr. Imadullah Masood having operational experience of nine years in the Gulf countries. He joined CMSORGANIX Pvt Ltd as director in 2023 with the aim of exploring and developing new business opportunities. He is also working on expanding the brand’s presence primarily focusing on optimizing processes and resources to achieve operational excellence across the globe with innovative marketing strategies.

CMSORGANIC‘S Group plays a pivotal role in sustainable agriculture and gardening, leading the charge to provide eco-conscious and economically viable solutions that promise to support soil health, provide balanced and slow-release nutrients, and reduce the environmental impact of farming practices. As the world becomes more conscious of the need for eco-friendly and sustainable solutions, organic fertilizers are gaining prominence for their ability to foster healthy ecosystems while ensuring food security. By choosing CMSORGANIX Pvt Ltd, Farmers, growers, and gardeners contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.




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