Congress Slams PM Modi For His Silence On Manipur Violence During ‘Mann Ki Baat’

PM Modi's Mann Ki Baat

In a recent development, the Congress party has launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing him of remaining silent on the escalating violence in the northeastern state of Manipur. The party expressed its disappointment over the Prime Minister’s failure to address the issue during his popular radio program, ‘Mann Ki Baat.’

The violence in Manipur has raised serious concerns among the public, with reports of clashes and unrest making headlines. However, the Congress party contends that PM Modi’s silence on the matter sends a distressing message to the affected citizens who are desperately seeking leadership and reassurance during these turbulent times.

By choosing not to address the Manipur violence during ‘Mann Ki Baat,’ the Prime Minister missed an opportunity to directly communicate with the nation and provide solace to the affected residents. The Congress party believes that such incidents demand immediate attention from the country’s top leadership, and the Prime Minister’s silence implies a lack of urgency and concern for the well-being of the people in Manipur.

The opposition party’s criticism stems from their belief that public addresses like ‘Mann Ki Baat’ serve as a platform for the Prime Minister to connect with the citizens and address critical issues. In this context, the Congress party argues that PM Modi’s silence on the Manipur violence reflects a failure to fulfill his duty as the nation’s leader.

Amid the ongoing unrest in Manipur, the Congress party demands a swift response from the Prime Minister. They urge him to acknowledge the gravity of the situation and take immediate action to restore peace and order in the troubled state. The party emphasizes that the Prime Minister’s voice is crucial in times of crisis, as it carries the weight of national leadership and reassures citizens across the country.

While the government has not yet responded to the Congress party’s criticism, the issue of PM Modi’s silence on the Manipur violence is likely to intensify political debates and discussions. As the situation unfolds, the eyes of the nation remain fixed on the government, anticipating a response that addresses the concerns and grievances of the people affected by the ongoing violence in Manipur.



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