Contraband Bust: Assam Rifles Seizes Rs. 130 Crore Worth in 45 Days


In a swift and effective operation, Assam Rifles has successfully recovered contraband items amounting to a staggering Rs. 130 crore in Mizoram within a span of 45 days starting from January. The crackdown targeted not only narcotics but also uncovered illegal trade in exotic animals.

Multi-Million Rupee Haul

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of IGAR (East) reported that Assam Rifles’ operations during January yielded significant results. The recovery included four kilograms of heroin, 3.3 lakh tablets of Methamphetamine, and assorted contrabands, showcasing the extensive nature of illicit activities in the region.

A major highlight of the operations was the seizure of 480 grams of heroin valued at Rs. 3.36 crore from a drug peddler. This incident unfolded during an operation at Zokhawthar in Champhai district, situated on the Mizoram-Myanmar border. The paramilitary force’s decisive actions underscore the constant vigilance required to curb cross-border illegal activities.

Simultaneously, Mizoram Excise and Narcotics Department officials conducted two separate operations in Aizawl, resulting in the confiscation of 19 kilograms of ganja (cannabis). The department promptly announced the arrests of three individuals, including a resident of Assam, emphasizing a unified front against drug-related offenses.

The three accused individuals faced charges under the Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Act 1985. Subsequently, they were presented before the magistrate on Friday, highlighting the commitment to legal proceedings in addressing the menace of drug trafficking.



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