CPI-M Protested Against Attacks on Their Workers


The CPI-M blocked the Radhanagar road on Tuesday demanding action against the attacks on their party supporters.

The CPI-M Protesters alleged that BJP-backed bike gangs assaulted their supporters while they were campaigning and setting up party flags, festoons, etc in the area.

While speaking to a reporter, former MP Shankar Prasad Dutta said that the BJP-backed bike gang assaulted CPI-M supporters while they were engaged in door-to-door campaigning. The protest was later withdrawn after the police.

Radhanagar is one of the busiest roads in Agartala which connects the state secretariat, MBB Airport, Govind Ballabh Pant (GBP) Hospital, schools, and offices. While CPI-M blocked the busy road for about an hour on Tuesday morning, students, patients, and other emergency traffic were allowed.

The police officer tried convincing the protestants but the CPI-M continued their protest for almost an hour as their party workers had faced several assaults and the political violence is increasing day by day in Tripura. They demanded immediate and severe action against the culprits.

This sudden rise in political violence has raised concerns about law and order in the state by the opposition parties, including CPI-M which were allegedly caused by the ruling party said the opposition. Krishna Rakshit, a Left leader said that their workers were under severe assault from biker gangs and demanded strict actions from the Election omission.