Rebati Warns TIPRA Motha Head To be Locked In The Palace


MP Rebati Tripura warns that “if the mountain is disturbed, the head of the head will be kept locked in the palace”, to the TIPRA Motha supporters at Twido while he was going to attend the joining program.

The fierce TIPRA Motha women supporters were protesting against Patal Kanya Jamatia yet they could not stop the riot even after the BJP meeting was completely undemocratic by using terrorism and blocking the way. A total of 689 voters from 217 families joined the BJP in Twido. The meeting was to be attended by MP Rebati Tripura, Minister Rampada Jamatia and Patal Kanya Jamatia.

As per the source, MP Rebati Tripura was stopped by TIPRA Motha’s supporters. Then MP Rebati Tripura got out of his vehicle and raised the question of what was happening there and why the representatives of the people were not allowed to go. He also asked how the problems of health, education, employment, development, and economic and social system of the area will be developed in tribal areas if the political leaders are treated in this manner.

Reportedly, the protesters told that they were not there for all the leaders but for Patal Kanya Jamatia, who has taken their money to fight for people’s rights, to fight for the NRC case yet she has not fulfilled her promise even though she had taken the money from the public. Hence, the people now want their hard-earned money to be returned, as they have understood the intention of Patal Kanya Jamatia. The source also said that after several requests by the police the protest continued and finally, the protesters were being used smoke bombs to leave the area.

As a response to the allegations, MP Rebatii Tripura warned the people and said, “if any attempt is made to disturb the hill, the head will be kept locked in the palace”. He then joined the assembly where 689 voters from 217 families left Tipra Matha, CPM, IPFT, and Congress and joined the BJP. The MP welcomed the newcomers and said, “Our goal is to make Tripura one of the best Tripura through an all-together, all-around development policy.”