CPI(M) Demands Tripura’s Exemption from CAA, Threatens Protests


The Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI(M)) has called on the central government to exempt Tripura from the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The CPI(M) Tripura state secretariat body expressed strong opposition to the CAA, warning that if the BJP-led state and central governments proceed with its implementation, the party will organize a massive democratic protest.

The CPI(M) emphasized that the CAA poses a significant threat to the indigenous population of Tripura. The party argued that the Act, which seeks to grant citizenship to non-Muslim refugees from neighboring countries, could lead to demographic changes that would marginalize the indigenous communities. They insisted that Tripura’s unique demographic and cultural landscape requires special consideration and protection from the potential impacts of the CAA.

Party leaders highlighted that the state has a history of ethnic tensions and conflicts, and the implementation of the CAA could exacerbate these issues. The CPI(M) stressed that the government should prioritize the interests and rights of the indigenous people of Tripura. They urged the central government to recognize the potential risks and consequences of implementing the CAA in the state and to take necessary measures to address the concerns of the local population.

In a statement, CPI(M) leaders reiterated their commitment to opposing the CAA through peaceful and democratic means. They called on the people of Tripura to join them in their protest to protect the state’s cultural and demographic integrity. The party announced plans to organize rallies, demonstrations, and public meetings to raise awareness about the potential dangers of the CAA and to mobilize support for their cause.

The CPI(M) also criticized the BJP-led governments at both the state and central levels for their alleged disregard for the concerns of the indigenous population. They accused the governments of prioritizing their political agenda over the well-being of the people of Tripura. The party warned that if the government does not heed their demands, they will intensify their protest and hold the government accountable for any adverse consequences resulting from the implementation of the CAA in Tripura.

The demand from the CPI(M) comes amidst ongoing nationwide debates and protests over the CAA, with various political and social groups voicing their concerns and opposition to the controversial legislation.



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