Cross-Border Timber Smuggling Bid Foiled in Manipur: Two Trucks Seized


In a significant operation, troopers of the Assam Rifles successfully foiled a cross-border smuggling attempt of contraband timber in Kamjong, Manipur. The operation led to the seizure of two fully loaded trucks that were heading towards Manipur’s Kamjong district from the border areas of Myanmar. The authorities managed to apprehend two alleged smugglers in connection with the illicit activity.

Timber Seizure Details

The seized trucks were transporting a substantial quantity of timber, amounting to 1120 cubic feet. In the regional black markets, this timber holds an estimated value of Rs 8.96 lakhs. The operation was a result of credible intelligence that pointed towards the illegal transportation of timber in the Kangpat Centre region.

Swift Action by Assam Rifles

Promptly responding to the received intelligence, the Assam Rifles initiated a search operation in the identified regions. This operation successfully intercepted the two trucks involved in the unlawful transportation of timber. The crucial aspect was that these trucks lacked the necessary valid documentation for the transportation of timber.

Arrests and Handover to Authorities

During the operation, the security forces arrested two individuals suspected of being involved in the smuggling attempt. Alongside the apprehension of the alleged smugglers, the timber items, and the impounded trucks, were handed over to the Forest Beat Officer of Kamjong District.

The interception of these trucks and the subsequent seizure of timber underscore the ongoing challenges associated with illegal timber trade, especially in border regions. Timber smuggling not only poses a threat to the environment but also contributes to the black market economy.

Upholding Environmental Conservation

Timber smuggling often leads to deforestation, disrupting the delicate ecological balance. By curbing such illegal activities, law enforcement agencies play a crucial role in upholding environmental conservation efforts. The swift action taken by the Assam Rifles in Kamjong sends a clear message about the commitment to combat illegal activities that jeopardize the region’s natural resources.

The seized timber, once properly documented and processed, can contribute to ongoing investigations and legal proceedings against the individuals involved in the smuggling attempt.



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