Decline of BJP’s Rule in Tripura: CPI (M) Takes a Stand


Jitendra Chaudhury Asserts BJP’s End is Near in Tripura

In a bold declaration, Jitendra Chaudhury, the secretary of the Tripura CPI (M) state committee, proclaimed that the ruling BJP in Tripura is on the brink of its political demise. Chaudhury asserted that even the BJP acknowledges the nearing end of its time in power. This announcement comes amidst a campaign organized by seven entities, including the Tripura Scheduled Caste Coordination Society and the Khet Mazdoor Union, with 17 points of demand.

Urging Public Participation for Change

Chaudhury urged the public to actively engage in the process of removing the BJP from both the state and the Centre. The campaign, which involved a procession through Agartala reaching the Circuit House, aimed at drawing attention to pressing issues and demanding action.

BJP's Rule
Sitaram Yechury with CPI(M) Tripura Secretary Jitendra Chaudhary in Agartala

Grievances and Criticisms Against BJP Government

Addressing the gathered crowd, Chaudhuri, also an MLA, criticized the BJP government at both the central and state levels. He pointed out issues such as delayed wages for working-class individuals, pending dues for employees and police personnel, food shortages affecting tribal communities, and alleged financial mismanagement by leaders.

Expressing deep concern about the dire situations faced by some Tripura residents, Chaudhury highlighted distressing incidents, stating, “The people of Tripura are now witnessing mothers selling their children, resorting to self-harm by consuming poison due to a lack of food for their children.” He also criticized the extravagant spending of the chief minister and his council of ministers, likening it to the use of personal wealth.

Accusations of Political Maneuvering and Governance Issues

Chaudhury accused the BJP in the state of attempting to create religious conflicts, particularly targeting Christians, for political gains. He also shed light on governance issues, emphasizing the lack of essential services such as hospitals without medicine or doctors. The overall tone of his address underscored the perceived failures and shortcomings of the BJP-led government in Tripura.

As political tensions rise, Chaudhury’s statements reflect the growing discontent and opposition to the current ruling party in Tripura. Whether this will translate into significant political shifts remains to be seen, but it signals a heightened political awareness and activism among the public.



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