Delegation of German Parliament to Sikkim Assures Support in Fighting Climate Change


A delegation of the German Parliament Bundestag met Sikkim’s Forest and Environment Minister KL Bhutia on Monday.

The delegation led by Bundestag member Harald Ebner discussed with Bhutia the impact of climate change in the Himalayan state.

Officials said Bhutia spoke about the fragility of Sikkim’s ecosystem, the impact of climate change on glaciers and water bodies, and the need for restoration of oak and coniferous forests. He also emphasized on the eco-tourism potential of Sikkim.

Bhutia sought to know from the German delegation how Sikkim can benefit from the partnership between the two countries. Officials said that the representatives said that Sikkim has served as a role model in the management of forests and environment and has been a progressive state.

The delegation wanted to know how they can help Sikkim in various areas especially climate change.

Bhutia was assured by the members of the German delegation that the issue of the impact of climate change in Sikkim would be raised and discussed at the G20 forum.