Delta Common and Performance Inspired: A Collaborative Force Pioneering Global Distribution and Elevating Consumer Satisfaction.


In a groundbreaking move, Performance Inspired Nutrition (PI), the brainchild of renowned actor Mark Wahlberg and wellness industry expert Tom Dowd, has officially announced its strategic partnership with Delta Common. This collaboration marks a significant step for PI as it endeavors to introduce its clean and natural products to the diverse market in India.

Performance Inspired, known for its commitment to delivering quality products catering to both professional and everyday athletes, aligns seamlessly with Delta Common’s rapid expansion across the globe. With a distribution network spanning the Americas, Europe, MENA, India, Southeast Asia, China, Australia, and Russia, Delta Common is a fast-growing force in the distribution of consumer-packaged goods and lifestyle and sports nutritional products.

Under this partnership, PI’s products are set to hit the shelves in India, initially gracing 300 select stores. The ambitious plan includes a subsequent expansion to an impressive 9,000 stores across the country. For the convenience of tech-savvy consumers, all Performance Inspired products will also be available for purchase online through the official website

Sheila Phillips, CEO of Performance Inspired, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “PI welcomes Delta Common to the Performance Inspired family! We are thrilled to foster this partnership to offer PI’s high-quality products to people in India. We believe athletes of all abilities will benefit immensely from our nutritional products.” Tom Dowd, co-founder of Performance Inspired and current CEO of F45, added, “The entire Performance Inspired team is excited to enter another new market with a proven partner. Our natural, robust formulas and high-value products continue to gain momentum and market share.”

Mark Wahlberg, a key figure behind PI, eagerly anticipates sharing the products with his vast fan base in India. His excitement reflects the brand’s confidence in the potential success of the partnership and the positive reception of PI’s products in the Indian market.

Delta Common, with its headquarters in New York and a presence in over 45 countries, aspires to be an industry leader in quality and customer service. This aligns seamlessly with Performance Inspired’s values, creating a synergy that aims to build trust and confidence among customers.

Founded in 2016, Performance Inspired Nutrition fills a market void by providing high-quality, all-natural, and robust active-lifestyle nutritional products. The brand’s unique marketing style and commitment to giving back to communities, donating 2% of net profits to charitable organizations, set it apart.

Delta Common, a rapidly growing distribution company, boasts a global network and specializes in energy drinks and functional food products. With over 3,000 retail and wholesale locations, it has become one of the largest US suppliers in its category.

For those eager to experience Performance Inspired Nutrition firsthand, the products are available for purchase at

The collaboration between Performance Inspired Nutrition and Delta Common sets the stage for an exciting journey into the hearts and homes of millions of health-conscious consumers in India, offering a range of products designed to inspire an active and healthier lifestyle.



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