Dopesop a new pet care startup valued worth INR 5 millions.


Over the years, The Indian Market has made remarkable progress. Indian Market heavily relied on imports from the Global Market previously but is now forming products and services centred around self-reliance and a love for pets worldwide. The Indian Market has come a long way in terms of its business and quality. India’s pet care market size in FY 2020-21 is 2500+ crores and is expected to grow more than 20% and cross 7500 crores by 2026. 

It is estimated that India’s pet care industry will reach $800 million by 2025. Every year, 600,000 pets are adopted in India. Dogs are the most popular pets in India, with an estimated 31 million pet dogs projected by the end of 2023. Every year, 600,000 pets are adopted in India.

Sudesh Bagri Founder and CEO of Dopesop stated that Indian brands are reaching creative heights and are showcasing a deep sense of fondness for pets across the world by creating products and services that are suitable to the needs of the pets and are creating their own unique identity by creating brands that cater to pet needs. Dopesop.Com raised the good partners of grooming , Food ,Toys ,Clothing , bedding and many more  and valued worth INR 5 Millions and is in contact with players who joining Dopesop very soon as investors .

. Our report has categorized the market based on product type, pricing type, ingredient type and distribution channel.

Breakup by Product Type:

* Dry Dog Food

* Dog Treats

* Wet Dog Food

Breakup by Pricing Type:

* Premium Products

* Mass Products

Breakup by Ingredient Type:

* Animal Derived

* Plant Derived

Breakup by Distribution Channel:

* Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

* Specialty Stores

* Online

* Others

Breakup by Region:

* North India

* West and Central India

* South India

* East India







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