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Abhishek Kantharia, a 25-year-old Chemical Engineer from Surat, has made an inspiring achievement by losing 11.5 kgs in just 30 days. His remarkable feat is a testament to his unwavering willpower and dedication towards his weight loss journey.

Abhishek’s journey towards achieving his weight loss goal was not an easy one. His persistence and consistency towards his workout routine, detox and diet finally paid off, and he achieved an incredible weight loss of 11.5 kgs in just one month.

Dr. SP Vijayvargia had set a record of losing 12.0 kgs in 30 days on 25-june-2018, which is still unbreakable. However, Abhishek’s achievement deserves great respect and recognition, as he became the second person after Dr. Vijayvargia to achieve such a feat.

Abhishek’s dedication towards his workout routine and diet is truly inspiring. He followed a strict daily workout schedule, which included both cardio and strength training exercises. Along with that, he was also committed to a healthy Diet & Detox under supervision of Dr. Sunny Gupta, which helped him achieve his weight loss goals.

Dr. Sunny Gupta, a renowned expert in nutrition and Detox Diet, congratulated Abhishek on his remarkable achievement. Dr. Sunny’s Diet & Detox program is a perfect solution for those who want to lose weight while enjoying kitchen-friendly food. The program has been proven to be effective, with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide who have seen results in as little as four weeks.

Dr. Gupta has helped over 5000+ people to lose weight and manage their health conditions across India, Dubai, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, USA, Canada, Africa, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Ireland, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, France & the United Kingdom. He has a PhD in Food & Nutrition and is the most experienced and qualified Dietician and as a Detox Expert.

Dr. Gupta’s expertise in nutrition and diet has earned him several awards and recognition, including the Excellence in Healthcare Award-2020 from 94.3MyFM Divya Bhaskar Group, Arogya Ratna National Award-2021, Excellence in Health & Fitness from Times of India Icons of Surat-2021, National Pride Healthcare Award-2022, and recognition from various NGOs. He is also Gujarat’s most trusted dietitian.

Recently, one of Dr. Gupta’s patients achieved excellent weight loss results, which highlights Dr. Gupta’s efforts and expertise in the field of nutrition and diet. His patients’ success stories are a testament to his dedication and commitment towards helping people achieve their weight loss goals.

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