Drop in Class 12 Exam Participation Amid Violence in Manipur


This year, Manipur has witnessed a significant drop in the number of students appearing for the class 12 state board examinations, with approximately 5,000 fewer candidates compared to the previous year. According to COHSEM chairman T Ojit Singh, over 31,000 students are set to take the Council of Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate Exams (COHSEM) across the state.

Impact of Law and Order Situation

The decline in student participation and examination centers is attributed to the prevailing law and order issues in Manipur. Last year, more than 36,000 students appeared for the exams across 120 examination centers, indicating a notable decrease in numbers this year.

Despite the challenges, the council’s examinations commenced on Wednesday, February 21, across 111 centers. Originally planned for 114 centers, three schools located in Kakching, Imphal East, and Chakpikarong were excluded due to the situation in the surrounding areas of hills and valley districts. Alternate arrangements have been made for affected students to take their exams at different centers.

Out of the 111 centers, 75 are situated in six valley districts, while the remaining 36 are located in the hills. The distribution ensures accessibility for students from various regions of Manipur.

The number of Science students appearing for the exams stands at 22,631, while those from the Arts stream total 8,100. Despite the challenges posed by the current situation, students from both streams are determined to complete their examinations successfully.

To uphold the integrity of the examinations, strict measures have been implemented. Seventy flying squads have been deployed to monitor and prevent the use of unfair means during the tests, ensuring a fair and transparent evaluation process.

Amidst the prevailing challenges, students in Manipur are demonstrating resilience and determination to overcome obstacles and excel in their academic pursuits.



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