Drug Mafia Have Political Support?


Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman claimed that the Drug Mafia is growing because of the support from the political parties.

He says, “We all know who is behind the drug nexus. Nothing is hidden from our eyes. The brother of which minister is the kingpin of the drug mafia is an open secret now. Don’t you want these people to be brought to justice? A police official was killed by the drug peddlers and we are still in the dark whether anyone was arrested in connection with the case or not. This lawlessness should end.”

He added, “The congress is the only political party that understands the pulse of the public. If there is any political party that feels for people, works for people, and hers the grievances of the people that is Congress. We respect all. The politics of discrimination is not what we believe in, unlike the party that is telling the state.”

By keeping his feeling of forming a big political to defeat the BJP he addressed, “The Congress will not leave any stone unturned to defeat the BJP. The Congress is a socialist, secular, and Democratic Party and the core principles of CPIM are based on the same lines. Would like to appeal to the CPIM party to come forward and stand beside the congress party instead of paving way for the fascist power to retain power.”

Additionally, he said by describing what the 2023 election means to him he said, “This is not just an election. It is a fight for life or death. It is fact that we can’t win alone but we shall try out level best to prevent BJP from retaining power. We shall keep fighting for the interest of the people. The BJP is a party of true politicians who put all their efforts to win elections on the contrary Congress is a party of true leaders who rather invest their time in thinking for the next generation instead of polls.”

The voters who joined the congress party in the presence of Barman numbered 3,162 including around 1,320 voters from Trinamool, 1,126 from BJP, and 716 from CPIM.