Education and Health Will Be Prioritized: Pappu Nishad 


Kathara, Giridih: Independent candidate Pappu Nishad (serial number 6, beaded necklace symbol) from the Giridih Lok Sabha constituency conducted a public outreach campaign on Tuesday in various places including Kathara number two, IBM Colony, Tenughat, and Bermo. During this campaign, he appealed to voters to vote for the beaded necklace symbol and engaged in dialogue with the public.

While speaking to journalists, Pappu Nishad highlighted the problems faced by the people of Giridih. He mentioned that unemployment and inflation have become severe issues for the residents. Pappu Nishad said, “Our priorities will be unemployment, migration, displacement, education, and health. We aim to provide better job opportunities to the people of Giridih so they can live a secure life with their families.”

Pappu Nishad remarked that no society can progress without education and health. He explained that his plan is to ensure that every child receives quality education and that all citizens have access to better healthcare facilities. “Overall development of society is possible only through improvements in education and health,” he said.

On the issues of displacement and migration, he noted that people are forced to leave their homes in search of employment. Special plans will be implemented to change this situation so that people can find jobs in their own area and live a secure life with their families.

Several supporters were present with Pappu Nishad during this public outreach campaign, including Vinay Das, Lucky Singh, Kundan Chauhan, Rahul Chauhan, Deepak Kumar, Anup Kumar, Suraj Chauhan, Sujeet Kumar, Rishi Mishra, Akhil Mishra, Chhotan Kewat, and Anil Kewat. Additionally, supporters playing a significant role in the campaign included Anil Kewat, Suraj Kumar Nishad, Kishore Kumar Nishad, Raja Nishad, Hari Kewat, Lalu Kewat, Santosh Sahani, Deepak Sahani, L Kewat, Jiten Dhibar, Tirth Nath Dhibar, Prakash Dhibar, Tinku Sahani, Jitendra Sahani, Jagdish Kewat, Nageshwar Kewat, and Mahesh Nishad.

Nishad appreciated the enthusiasm and dedication of his supporters and mentioned that this campaign is an important step towards bringing positive changes in the lives of the people of Giridih. He appealed to voters to vote for the beaded necklace symbol and support the development of their area.

Expressing his commitment to resolving the problems of the people of Giridih, Pappu Nishad said that he will strive to ensure a happy and secure life for every citizen of Giridih. He stated, “Our priority is to serve the people, and we will make every effort to achieve this.”
He emphasized the significance of community engagement and participation in bringing about meaningful changes. “We believe in working closely with the community to understand their needs and address them effectively,” Pappu Nishad said. He reiterated his commitment to creating more job opportunities, improving educational infrastructure, and providing accessible healthcare to all.



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