Excessive Police Force Unleashed on Unarmed Students: Mass Rally in Agartala for Inclusion of Roman Script Turns Chaotic


Agartala was rocked by turmoil today as thousands of students converged for a massive rally organized by the Tipra Indigenous Students Federation (TISF), demanding the inclusion of the Roman script for Kokborok, the native language of the indigenous communities in Tripura. However, what began as a peaceful demonstration quickly spiraled into chaos as the police resorted to excessive force against the unarmed students.

The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as the students gathered, hoping to peacefully voice their demands and engage in a constructive dialogue with the authorities. However, their aspirations were shattered when the police, in an unwarranted and heavy-handed approach, used batons and tear gas on the unsuspecting crowd.

Videos circulating on social media depict a scene of pandemonium, with students running for cover amidst the chaos. Many suffered injuries due to the brutal actions of the police, leaving them traumatized and in pain.

This unfortunate turn of events could have been avoided if the Honourable governor, in his position of power and influence, had taken a mere two minutes from his hectic schedule to meet with the students. Such a gesture would have demonstrated a willingness to listen and engage in a meaningful dialogue, potentially defusing the mounting tension.

The excessive use of force on unarmed students has sparked widespread outrage and condemnation from various sections of society. Citizens, activists, and politicians have expressed their dismay at the heavy-handed tactics employed by the police, calling for accountability and justice for the victims.

As the echoes of the clashes fade, the demand for the inclusion of the Roman script for Kokborok remains a burning issue. It is imperative that the authorities address this demand in a timely and sensitive manner to avoid further escalation of tensions.

The shocking scenes witnessed in Agartala today serve as a stark reminder of the need for open dialogue, respect for peaceful protests, and the protection of basic human rights. The students’ voices must be heard, and measures must be taken to ensure that such incidents are not repeated in the future.



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