Fake BSF Vehicle Seized with Rs 76 Lakh Cannabis in Tripur


In a late-night operation, Tripura Police intercepted a fake Border Security Force (BSF) vehicle in the Durga Chowmuhani village of Dhalai District, seizing a substantial quantity of cannabis valued at Rs. 76 lakh.

Clandestine Mission Unfolds

The clandestine operation unfolded on Saturday night when officers from the Kamalpur police station, acting on discreet intelligence, halted a suspicious green-clad Bolero vehicle with the registration number AS11 U 4106. The vehicle bore a striking resemblance to a legitimate BSF conveyance.

Vigilant officers, committed to realizing a ‘Nasha Mukt Tripura’ (Drug-Free Tripura), swiftly responded to confidential information. The vehicle, originating from the Ambassa region, was reportedly en route to Fatikroy, Kumarghat, via Durga Chowmuhani.

Upon closer inspection, the police discovered a staggering 381.600 kg of ganja concealed within 41 meticulously packaged bundles. The illicit cargo, valued at Rs. 76 lakh, raised immediate suspicions regarding the nature of the vehicle’s activities.

Regrettably, the driver and co-driver of the suspicious vehicle managed to evade apprehension, abandoning their conveyance. Despite their escape, the impounded vehicle now serves as a crucial piece of evidence in the ongoing investigation.

Continuing the Fight Against Illicit Activities

This successful interception showcases the commitment of Tripura Police to curbing illicit activities and maintaining law and order. The impounded vehicle and seized cannabis stand as testimony to the continued efforts to keep the region free from the clutches of illegal substances.



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