First Ever 4K Selfie Video From Space


The first ever 4K selfie video from space shows Earth in all its gory, Moon photobombs.

Nano Avionics, a space tech company, has released footage captured by an off-the-shelf consumer camera, mounted on a selfie stick showing Earth from the best vantage point — from above the planet. The first-ever 4K resolution full satellite selfie shows an immersive view of Earth capturing 12-megapixel photos and 4K video clips, taken with a GoPro Hero 7.

“The reason for taking the photo and video clip with the Great Barrier Reef in the background was partly symbolic. We wanted to highlight the vulnerability of our planet and the importance of Earth observation by satellites, especially for monitoring environment and climate changes,” Vytenis J. Buzas, co-founder and CEO of NanoAvionics said.