Five Bangladeshi Immigrants Detained Near Assam-Tripura Border


Five Bangladeshi immigrants were arrested near the border between Assam and Tripura by security forces.

While two of the Bangladeshi were arrested at Silchar station, the three others were detained at the Churaibari checkpoint near the Assam-Tripura border on Thursday night.

The people arrested were identified as Khokan Fakir, Mizanur Rahman, Fardin Islam, Shag Miya, and Ashraful Islam.

Police have informed that the accused has entered India illegally looking for employment.

According to the police, while they got work here in India, but they were not satisfied with the jobs and attempted to return home.

They arrived in Silchar via train from Guwahati on Wednesday, according to police.

Legal procedures against them have been initiated.

Cachar’s superintendent of police Numal Mahatta said, “They worked in India but failed to get desired jobs, so they attempted to go back. Their abnormal body language helped the police to identify them.”