Food Poisoning Incident Hospitalises 40 in Majuli, Assam


A total of 40 individuals from three villages in Majuli, Assam, were hospitalized on Saturday following a bout of food poisoning.

Cause of Illness

The affected individuals had consumed prasad during a local event in the district, leading to the widespread illness.

Residents from Janani Sonowal, Randhanichuk, and Marituni villages were among those hospitalized due to food poisoning.

All affected individuals have been admitted to a local hospital in Kamalabari for immediate medical treatment.

Authorities have launched an investigation into the incident, including a thorough examination of the prasad preparation process to determine the root cause of the food poisoning.

Medical teams are closely monitoring the condition of all patients to ensure that none of the cases escalate to critical levels.

The incident underscores the importance of stringent food safety measures and highlights the need for public awareness regarding food handling and preparation practices.

Local authorities and community leaders are collaborating to provide necessary support to the affected individuals and prevent further instances of foodborne illnesses in the area.

Efforts are underway to prevent similar incidents in the future through enhanced vigilance and adherence to food safety protocols.



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