Former NSUI Chief Samrat Roy Quits Congress, Alleges Factionalism


Former National Students Union of India (NSUI) Tripura president, Samrat Roy, has resigned from the primary membership of the Congress party, citing rising unethical treatment of party workers. His resignation comes after being dismissed from the NSUI position due to alleged irresponsible behavior in organizational duties.

Allegations Against Tripura Congress

Addressing the media, Roy criticized the Tripura unit of the Congress party, claiming it is no longer the Congress but is now controlled by a faction known as the “Barman group.” He accused the party of rampant factionalism, with individuals who once disrespected senior Congress leaders now holding influential positions.

Expressing disillusionment, Samrat highlighted the lack of respect for dedicated workers like himself and his team members. Despite their past efforts advocating for student interests, he lamented that the present leadership has compromised the party’s ethics and ideologies.

When questioned about the delay in his resignation after being removed from the NSUI chief position, Roy explained that he initially hoped for positive changes within the party. However, witnessing the deterioration of the situation, he decided to step down from the primary membership.

Regarding his future plans and potential association with the ruling BJP, Samrat clarified that he has not made any decisions yet. He emphasized the need for consultations with his team members, engaging in discussions, and then determining the appropriate course of action.



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