Former Tripura Deputy CM Criticizes CPI-M, Congress for Indigenous Suppression

Deputy CM

In Tripura, the former Deputy Chief Minister launched a scathing criticism against the CPI-M and Congress parties for their alleged suppression of indigenous communities. The ex-official accused the parties of neglecting the interests and welfare of the indigenous population. He emphasized the need for political representation and empowerment of these communities to address their longstanding grievances effectively.

According to the former Deputy CM, the CPI-M and Congress governments failed to prioritize the concerns of the indigenous people during their respective tenures. He highlighted issues such as land rights, socio-economic development, and cultural preservation, which he claimed were overlooked by the previous administrations. The criticism comes amid growing tensions and debates surrounding indigenous rights and identity in the region.

The ex-official also urged the current government to take proactive measures to address the challenges faced by indigenous communities. He emphasized the importance of inclusive policies and initiatives aimed at uplifting the socio-economic status of these marginalized groups. Additionally, he called for greater participation of indigenous representatives in decision-making processes to ensure their voices are heard and their interests are adequately represented.

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Furthermore, the former Deputy CM emphasized the need for unity and solidarity among indigenous communities to effectively advocate for their rights and interests. He urged leaders and activists to work together towards common goals and objectives, rather than being divided along political or ideological lines. He stressed the importance of collective action and cooperation to bring about positive change and ensure a better future for indigenous people in Tripura.

In response to the criticism, representatives from the CPI-M and Congress parties defended their respective records and policies concerning indigenous communities. They refuted allegations of neglect and suppression, citing various initiatives and programs implemented during their tenures. However, the former Deputy CM remained firm in his stance, calling for greater accountability and action from political leaders to address the grievances of indigenous people effectively.



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