Former Tripura Minister Calls for United Front Against BJP in Lok Sabha Polls

Sudip Roy Barman

Former Minister Sudip Roy Barman has called for a united front against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls in Tripura. Barman recently held a meeting with representatives from Tipra Motha, a tribal-based political party, to discuss strategies for the upcoming elections.

Barman emphasized the importance of solidarity among opposition parties to challenge the dominance of the BJP in Tripura. He highlighted the need for a cohesive alliance that represents the interests of all communities in the state.

During the meeting, Barman and Tipra Motha leaders discussed various issues affecting Tripura, including the socio-economic challenges faced by tribal communities, unemployment, and the need for inclusive development policies.

The former Minister expressed concern over the alleged marginalization of tribal communities under the BJP-led government in Tripura. He accused the ruling party of neglecting the needs and aspirations of indigenous people in the state.

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Barman urged opposition parties to set aside their differences and work together to safeguard the rights of marginalized communities and uphold democratic values in Tripura. He emphasized the importance of a united front to ensure a fair and transparent electoral process.

Tipra Motha leaders echoed Barman’s sentiments and pledged their support for a coalition against the BJP in the upcoming polls. They emphasized the need for a strong opposition voice to hold the government accountable and address the grievances of the people.

The meeting concluded with a resolution to form a joint committee to coordinate efforts between different opposition parties and mobilize support for the upcoming elections. Barman and Tipra Motha leaders expressed confidence in their ability to challenge the BJP’s dominance and bring about positive change in Tripura.

The call for a united front against the BJP comes amid growing discontent among opposition parties over the ruling party’s policies and governance in Tripura. With the Lok Sabha polls approaching, political dynamics in the state are expected to intensify as parties jockey for power and influence.

As the political landscape evolves, Barman and Tipra Motha’s efforts to forge alliances and build consensus could play a crucial role in shaping the outcome of the elections and determining the future direction of Tripura’s governance.



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