Foundation Day of All India Farmers’ Congress Celebrated in Tripura


A party flag hoisting program was held on Tuesday to mark the 88th foundation day of the All India Farmers’ Congress. The program of the day was held at the state office of the All India Farmers’ Sabha All Bharat Krishak Seva. State Committee Secretary Pavitra Kar was present. While speaking at the program, he attacked the Narendra Modi-led government of the country and said that since the establishment of the current government in the country, it has been seen that it is trying to take away the rights of the farmers.

Anti-agricultural legislation was introduced in an effort to hand over the rights of the peasants to the capitalists Farmers started fighting against it In the end, as a result of the farmers’ movement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to bow down to the farmers And forced to withdraw three anti-farmer laws And this fight is still continuing, he said



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