From Humble Beginning to Building Ed Innova and Anaghtara: Here’s a look at Susmita Gupta’s Journey (Also known as Dr Susmita Gupta)


Best-selling author from the novel ‘Life is Tough, Be Tougher’ and 5 other books or simply The Lady from Ed Innova, this MBA turned author and entrepreneur has made a special place in the hearts of the readers with her stellar craft of writing over the years. Susmita Gupta has carved a niche for herself in this dynamic world of creativity with her organization Ed Innova and a jewellery brand Anaghtara.

Born in Alipurduar, West Bengal this 31-year-old author and entrepreneur did her BCOM in Accountancy and MBA in Finance. Before switching her career to become an author she always had a knack for establishing something of her own and worked in various industries as an HR before starting her business.

Her journey as an author began after the lockdown happened and decided to publish her first novel, in a span of 8 months she wrote and published 2 more books and created a world record for the same with the International Book of Record. Her breakthrough performance was observed when she launched ‘Life is Tough, be Tougher’ where the characters made a place in the audiences’ hearts and the story has been an inspiration for many.

Susmita Gupta’s journey as an entrepreneur is at its peak with her role as the lead and founder of Ed Innova and Anaghtara. She received immense love from the audience and was monumental for her. In an exclusive interview, Susmita Gupta declares, “Adding a vertical of recognitions turned out to be accepting and unique by the people and startups and this Award of Distinction becoming so successful gives me a lot of confidence. Ed Innova’s success just gives me more confidence to craft deeper stories and bring about a change in the life of every business and brand, I want to work on new businesses and emerging individual talented personalities of every field who just want to become a trend in their respective fields”

She received an Honorary Doctorate from MBR in 2022 for her excellence in the field of writing. This MBA-turned-author and entrepreneur has come a long way in the industry whether it is crafting impeccable books or launching new services for the image-building of new businesses and brands, she stands apart from the crowd.

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